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Hello, I'm Amy, currently 16 years old.

Taking requests? No, gomen.

Will be getting off semi-hiatus soon <3

NOTE: I answer asks publicly, so if you would like me to answer privately say so in the ask, thank you!

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Themes optimized for
google chrome - 1366 x 768
07.08 // New blog theme!
06.26 // Daylight & Midnight
05.27 // psycho-pass
05.27 // Changed playlist




You can easily toggle through this page to find an about section, a tagslist/navigation section, a blogroll and an FAQ+askbox. Page was made using a Carousel Slider, so preview the page to check out the sliding effect! Customize notes can be found in the code, like always.

!!! Important: to get your ask box to work, please ensure you check out the message on line 699 of the code.

Content credits go to maruti-bitamin. Background by Victor Bykov. Made with the help of str-wrs' sliding viewer tutorial!

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THEME 2.3 ⌊SAKURA⌉ by Imaginedragons
 ⇛ Static Preview + Code

  • 500px or 400px posts
  • 4 custom links
  • infinite scrolling option with back to top button
  • optional monochrome photo effect
  • all colors customizable
  • optional music player
  • quick reblog and like button

please keep the credit intact
reblog/like if using, any questions can be asked here



p a g e: ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ
↳ Preview ▪ Code (Wait for 5 seconds and click ‘Skip Ad’)
  • An all in one page.
  • Includes about, links, tags and blogroll.
  • Header image should be 810px x 450px or larger.
  • Avatar is 150px x 150px.
  • Optimized for 1366 x 768 or wider screen resolutions only.
  • Notes are included in the code itself for reference.

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Check out KCONET for more quality k-pop themes!

hartbeatss asked: Hi!, i was trying to use your honey theme and the fishes are not were they should be. How can i fix it?

Hello! I would say just try and re install, because other than that i have to see what the problem is

#2: candies
info: theme optimized for chrome.
{preview ; pastebin}

  • 250px and 400px posts
  • hidden menu
  • 5 customizable links
  • show/hide captions
  • yes/no fade photosets
  • yes/no grayscale photos
  • optional infinite scroll

don’t redistribute or copy, don’t remove the credit.
reblog/like if you’re gonna use it.
if you find some errors, feel free to tell me what’s wrong.


Anon 1 & 2 :

Yes i will be releasing it! But i’m still not sure when. Probably once i make a new blog theme.

Anon 3: 

.cl-effect-13 a:focus::before {
color: #febcc9; /* Middle dot */
text-shadow: 10px 0 #fff, /* Right dot */  -10px 0 #fe629c; /* Left dot*/}

Anon 4:

Thank you very much i’m glad you like it! <3

Anon 5:

Sure thing, I don’t mind heavy editing c:


COAL ~[ preview | code ]

350px theme (500px on permalink) with header image and 3 panels (one for title and description, one for ask box, one for 6 custom links and search bar). Click-through captions on index page, reblog link on index page. Optional image grayscale effect, optional background image repeat option. Photosets by PixelUnion.


  • For the love of god, just put your url in the space provided in the customize menu, without the (.tumblr.com). I don’t want to get a million questions about this.
  • The tags only show on the permalink page. I’m not changing that for you.
  • The click-through captions won’t work if you install infinite scrolling.
  • The header image is 150px high, and changes in width from 350px to 500px. Plan accordingly. 
  • Steal my scripts and I will hex you
  • I don’t help with customizations
  • Message me if something malfunctions



Light Version » Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost
Redux/Dark Version » Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost

Please leave the credit intact and do not move it to a secondary page. Do not copy, use as base, redistribute and/or claim this theme as your own.


  • All colors are customizable
  • 400/500px Posts / Show or Hide Caption
  • 100px Sidebar Image
  • Up to 6 custom links
  • Static or Hover Info and Tags
  • Grayscale (black and white posts) and Search Bar Option
  • Show Userpic (*light version only)
  • Lazy Load ? (optional)

» How to install this theme?
If you have questions about this theme ask here.

### Notes keeps me inspired, so if you’re using this theme please like/reblog this post.



Theme 23 - Weltmeister

Static Previews: [A] [B] | [code] | [magnusthemes]


  • Infinite Scroll/pagination
  • Optimized for Google Chrome, 1280x800 resolution
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • Everything is customizable
  • 8 Custom Links
  • Optional billy player
  • Optional captions
  • Optional monochrome images
  • Optional fading images
  • Optional right image
  • Optional show tags


[terms of use]


  • Sidebars are 250x400 and 140x90
  • Audio player in the preview is not expected to work because tumblr controls = missing.

Like or reblog if you use or plan to use this theme or just if you like it! And if you encounter problems you can always message me <3



THEME 18.0 - Righteous

preview | code


  • sb image (dimensions 200px by 130px for the best results!!)
  • 5 customizable links
  • updates tab w/ space for name, age etc
  • jump pagination
  • small scrollbar
  • small cursor
  • 500px posts


  • please like or reblog if you’re using!!
  • do not claim as your own
  • please please please don’t remove the credit
  • message me if you have any inquiries! 

flawless base code by meliapond

+ i’m a week late ahhh i’ll be posting theme 19 by tonight!!



THEME 2.2 ⌊KAGUNE⌉ by Imaginedragons
 ⇛ Static Preview 1//Static Preview 2

  • 500px or 400px posts
  • optional icon image, search box, and sidebar
  • optional description and links on toggle
  • 36 color options
  • infinite scrolling option with back to top button
  • saturation photo effect
  • post background color change on hover
  • quick reblog and like button

please keep the credit intact
reblog/like if using, any questions can be asked here

Anonymous asked: May I ask how did you get into making themes and any nice tutorials on the web?

Well i’m still not sure why i like coding, Maybe because i always liked to customize my theme how i liked it, then i learned how to code. There are many tutorials on how to code. These are some of the ones i used c: 

theme making and coding 101
Tumblr custom themes reference
Lmthemes How to make a theme tutorial series

Also i did a lot of google searching for certain things

Anonymous asked: I hope you don't mind me asking: When you start a theme do you start with a base?

A base code. You can find some here. Or if you already know how to code it, you can start doing it yourself and use the base code as reference c: 

Anonymous asked: How did you learn how to make themes? Any advice for newbies?

Honestly how i learned was by looking at other themes and seeing how people coded them, then trying it for myself on a base code, after i learned how to most things myself I started coding myself. So i would say look at codes DO NOT COPY THEM but see how they did it. Also look for a lot of tutorials. c: