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08.26 // Hiatus & closed ask box
08.26 // New theme
07.08 // New blog theme
06.26 // Daylight & Midnight
05.27 // psycho-pass
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i know a lot of these background masterposts probably already exist, but i really love doing masterposts cause they’re really useful for me and hopefully other people??

**none of these pictures belong to me


  • pattern backgrounds { here }
  • gradient backgrounds here }
  • sky backgrounds here }
  • floral backgrounds { here }
  • nature backgrounds { here }
  • pixel backgrounds { here }
  • animated backgrounds { here }
  • eiffel tower backgrounds here }
  • balloon backgrounds here }
  • other backgrounds here }

other pictures

  • transparent stuff here }
  • banners here }
  • sidebar pictures here }
  • pixels here / here }

themes (shortened from my other masterpost)

  • blogroll themes { here } 
  • network themes here } 
  • url redirecting themes here } 
  • collection of personal themes { here }


Preview / Code

  • 250 / 400 / 500px post size options
  • Title (enter the other half of your title in title part 2 for different color)
  • Second title that shows up when you hover over the big title
  • Description (make it long, write a quote or lyrics)
  • Four extra links
  • Search bar
  • Post info on hover
  • Show captions option
  • Infinite scroll option
  • Customizable colors.
  • webkit scroll bar.
  • Custom fonts.
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Theme #22 - Sweetie

The features for this theme are:

  • 400px posts only
  • 10 links
  • Top bar (No sidebar)
  • Everything Centered
  • Customizable Colors
  • Display Ask Box, Navigation and Search Box
  • You can read more about the features in the preview.


  • Do edit the theme as much as you want.
  • Do not repost.
  • Do not claim as your own.
  • Do not remove the credits.
  • Do not use as a base code.

Why should you follow my rules? Please read my complete terms of use here.


Live Preview (temporary) | Static Preview

Pastebin | Freetexthost


Last but not least, I have +900 followers!! Oh my God guys, I love you all so much! Thank you for your support! I will keep trying my best to be here and make more themes and post resources for you <3 Gracias!

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T H A N K   Y O U !


weheartaaliyah asked: Hi! Love ur themes! Is it possible If u could do an Aaliyah theme? Thanks! 🙋💗

Hello, Thank you! I’m sorry, I only do fandoms i’m familiar with D; 

akiramados asked: hello! i'm currently using one of your themes (i forget the name of it, forgive me) but it doesn't display my tags or the post source. how can i change this? thank you!! :)

Hello! c: Umm my earlier theme don’t have tags or the post source coded onto them. But i made the them like that and i don’t really help with customizing, Sorry D; But! you can always look at my current themes and see how added the tags, then do the same. c:

sophiabrielle asked: You're themes are so nice♥. You're only 16? How did you learn to code so well??

Thank you ;~ ;

blood, sweat and tears my friend. Actually i think its because i liked web design and everything to do with computers i took an interest so you know once you like something you want to learn more and more about it kinda like with cute boys and girls (๑>◡<๑) 

Anonymous asked: I'm so sorry to be disturbing you, but I am in need of help (T.T) I recently started using your theme 2.3 Sakura and I did as your answered question about the music player said. I uploaded the music on dropbox but how do I make the public link thingy?? Help plz and thank you!

Ah that theme is imaginedragons theme c: 

But as for your question:

Now that you have it on dropbox go to kiwi6 make an account and then upload the music you put in your dropbox on kiwi6 and just use the hotlink for any music player

(sorry i probably made this confusing)


                            D A I S U K I 

This is my fifth released theme entitled Daisuki and it features Aomine Daiki and Momoi Satsuki from the anime, Kuroko no Basuke. This used to be the theme for my theme blog so I might have missed editing some of the options so if you have any problems, please let me know! Please like/reblog if you plan on using it too!

                            O P T I O N S 
  • Image Fade
  • Monochrome
  • 195x130 Sidebar
  • 1-8 Links (It looks BEST with all 8 links!!!)
              S T A T I C  P R E V I E W | P A S T E B I N 




You can easily toggle through this page to find an about section, a tagslist/navigation section, a blogroll and an FAQ+askbox. Page was made using a Carousel Slider, so preview the page to check out the sliding effect! Customize notes can be found in the code, like always.

!!! Important: to get your ask box to work, please ensure you check out the message on line 699 of the code.

Content credits go to maruti-bitamin. Background by Victor Bykov. Made with the help of str-wrs' sliding viewer tutorial!

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THEME 2.3 ⌊SAKURA⌉ by Imaginedragons
 ⇛ Static Preview + Code

  • 500px or 400px posts
  • 4 custom links
  • infinite scrolling option with back to top button
  • optional monochrome photo effect
  • all colors customizable
  • optional music player
  • quick reblog and like button

please keep the credit intact
reblog/like if using, any questions can be asked here



p a g e: ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ
↳ Preview ▪ Code (Wait for 5 seconds and click ‘Skip Ad’)
  • An all in one page.
  • Includes about, links, tags and blogroll.
  • Header image should be 810px x 450px or larger.
  • Avatar is 150px x 150px.
  • Optimized for 1366 x 768 or wider screen resolutions only.
  • Notes are included in the code itself for reference.

Please reblog/like if using.

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#46 Blå Live Preview & Install  (Temporary) | Static Preview & Install

hartbeatss asked: Hi!, i was trying to use your honey theme and the fishes are not were they should be. How can i fix it?

Hello! I would say just try and re install, because other than that i have to see what the problem is

#2: candies
info: theme optimized for chrome.
{preview ; pastebin}

  • 250px and 400px posts
  • hidden menu
  • 5 customizable links
  • show/hide captions
  • yes/no fade photosets
  • yes/no grayscale photos
  • optional infinite scroll

don’t redistribute or copy, don’t remove the credit.
reblog/like if you’re gonna use it.
if you find some errors, feel free to tell me what’s wrong.